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Rob Simmons, owner of Cozzmic Communications in Brantford.

Rob Simmons

Cozzmic Communications
You may have heard the term VoIP, particularly over the last few years as it has become more popular. But what is it? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which means making and receiving phone calls over your broadband Internet connection (DSL, Cable, Wireless, or Fiber) instead of over traditional phone lines. The phone networks are still all connected, and you can call any phone number, and anyone can still call you using your existing phone number.
Layne Beckner Grime, photographer and owner of Jono and laynie Photo and Film.

Jono and Laynie

Jono & Laynie {Photo + Film}
We had SO much fun documenting Cassandra and Shayne's engagement photos last weekend at Sherman Falls in Hamilton. A lot of couples don't want engagement sessions, usually because they feel awkward in front of the camera. This is 100% fine of course, but the reason we have an engagement session as part of all our wedding packages is to give the bride and groom a taste of what it's like working with us.
Joey Soltis, financial consultant at Investors Group Fianancial Services.

Joey Soltis

Investors Group
Divorce and separation are an unfortunate life event; after a marriage ends, you need to restart your life with separate finances and a new strategy for moving forward. Christine Van Cauwenberghe, Investors Group Vice-President of Tax and Estate Planning, looks at some strategies for restarting your life after a marriage ends.