About The Brant Sunrise Professional Group

We are a group of dedicated network of business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals who recognize the power of networking, and the development of long-term relationships with like-minded business professionals. Our primary focus is to drive business growth for individual member Companies via a structured referral program.

Mutual success is promoted amongst members and we measure results by the value of business exchanged and generated through referrals. Each member’s best interest is served as membership is limited to a single business or company representing that business classification.

We draw on the individual experience of each member sharing our experience with people who face or have faced many of the same business goals and challenges.

4 Benefits of Membership

Grow Your Business

Members make it their mission to recommend your company to their own personal and business networks.

Gain Valuable Business Contacts

Draw on the experience of other like-minded individuals who are facing or have faced the same business challenges.

Create Meaningful Personal Relationships

Weekly meetings, social events allow you to establish and build long term business relationships and friendships.

Develop Strong Networking Skills

Boost your confidence in a supportive environment.