What is VoIP?

Phones on the Internet.

You may have heard the term VoIP, particularly over the last few years as it has become more popular. But what is it?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which means making and receiving phone calls over your broadband Internet connection (DSL, Cable, Wireless, or Fiber) instead of over traditional phone lines. The phone networks are still all connected, and you can call any phone number, and anyone can still call you using your existing phone number.

When using a VoIP phone service, your calls behave and sound like a traditional phone, so there is nothing new to learn to use your phone.  It’s still a phone.

One of the major benefits of VoIP is reduced costs.  By using your Internet for your phones, there is no additional phone infrastructure to maintain, allowing us to provide lower prices than traditional phone companies.  We also can get much better rates on long distance, and include free Long Distance calls to Canada and the US.

Another major benefit is increased functionality and capabilities, including Voicemail to Email, several Call Forwarding options, Auto Attendants, and being able to take your home or business phone anywhere that has Internet access.

A lot of people assume that this means you need a computer in order to use the phone, but this is not the case.  VoIP systems typically use devices which use your Internet connection directly.

For Home and Home Offices, we use a phone adapter which allows you to use your existing phone, and can even use your house wiring to use all the phones in your home.  This means there is no difference in how you use your phone.

For Businesses, we use IP Phones which look similar to your existing business phones, but connect to our hosted server instead of that box hidden in your closet that no one wants to touch (i.e. a traditional PBX system). A hosted system can do everything the traditional phone systems do, and usually a lot more.  And without expensive hardware upgrades.

If you have any questions, contact Cozzmic Communications and ask. We are more than happy to answer questions and all of our consultations are free!