Rob Simmons

Cozzmic Communications is the only Small Business Phone Specialist based in Brantford that provides both your phone lines/service and the latest Hosted PBX Phone Systems.

We take the complexity out of your phones by learning your business and designing a phone system with you to accomplish the communication needs of your business. We also manage the phone system for you so any changes or updates you need to make are only an email or phone call away.

Whether you work alone or have a large staff and multiple offices, a better solution exists and we would love to talk to you about what you want to do with your phones and how we can help improve the communication efficiency of your business.

Take advantage of options that have been available to large businesses for years and is now available, and affordable, for businesses of all sizes:

* Full Service Solution
* Canada/US Long Distance Included
* Voicemail to Email
* Call Forwarding / Follow Me
* Auto Attendants
* Automated After Hours / Emergency Attendants
* Conference Calling
* Hold Music
* Call Queues
* Call Waiting
* Call Display
* Take your office phone anywhere
* State of the art, customizable Business Phones with HD Audio

From Our Members

By: John Moruzi

I've been building web sites in Brantford for more than 12 years. Like many web designers, when they first start building new web sites, I used to build sites by writing code - HTML, php, JavaScript etc.

By: Rob Simmons

Text messaging has become more popular with many people choosing text messaging over email or phone calls.

By: Joey Soltis

The senior years can bring wisdom and reflection, but at some point many older people need care as time passes and their health declines. That task, and often the costs, falls to younger family members.

By: Joey Soltis

Divorce and separation are an unfortunate life event; after a marriage ends, you need to restart your life with separate finances and a new strategy for moving forward.